2022 Weekly Award Winners

See below for a full list of 2022 Weekly Award Winners:

Cabaret & Variety Weekly Award Winners

Presented by Kleenheat

Week 1 Winners:

Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Absolute Chaos!


Club D'amour

Lucinda Panties' Super Funtimes Singalong Jamboree Part 3

Week 2 Winners: 


Drag Diva Spectacular: Good Times

Crème de la crème

Your Village Peeps

Week 3 Winners:

Ginava's Messy Friends

Illusions - a French Cabaret

Worship - Memento Vivere

Week 4 Winners:

Life's A Drag - The Sequel

Pillow Talk: Back in the Sack

Briefs: Bite Club

Cece Desist's Extraordinary Cabaret

Dolly Parton: Here I Come Again

Spectacular, Spectacular!


Children's Event Weekly Award Winners

Presented by City of Perth

Week 1 Winners:

Little Bangers!

Cameron McLaren's Big Dumb Game Show For Kids

Magnus' Explosion Laboratory: Electrickery!

Week 2 Winners:

A One Man Circus

An Utterly Rubbish Adventure

Dreams of a Lonely Planet

Week 3 Winners:

Alex and Evie and the Forever Falling Rain

Elliot's Big Nose and the Snot That It Grows

Week 4 Winner:


A Royal Dance Party


Circus Weekly Award Winners

Presented by MadFish Wines 

Week 1 Winners:

Week 2 Winners:


80's Mixtape | Side B

Week 3 Winners:

Circus After Dark

Off Chops

Sinsuality: Make it Reign

Week 4 Winner:

P!NK: The Circus



80s Up Late


Comedy Weekly Award Winners

Presented by Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Week 1 Winners:

Hot Nonsense

Dave Callan’s ‘77 Holiday Special

Dr Ahmed Gets Hitched

Week 2 Winners: 

Bogan Shakespeare Presents: Julius Caesar

James Hancox: Megamovie

Rory Lowe - Certified Funny Boy

Week 3 Winners:


James Nokise - God Damn Fancy Man

Laura Davis - If This Is It.

Week 4 Winners:

Dirk Darrow: Magic of Future Past

Luke Bolland: Bubble Boy

Joe White : Ethiopian & Still Not Hungry - The Finale


Chris Shin Get on Board D!ckhead


Community & Special Events Weekly Award Winners

Presented by Lotterywest

Week 1 Winners:

Week 2 Winners: 

Week 3 Winners:

Scramble! Speedcubing in the Underground

Week 4 Winners:

Yas, Quiz Me Daddy


Dance & Physical Theatre Award Winners

Presented by iiNet

Week 1 Winner:


You Are

Week 2 Winners:

Wakey Wakey Eggs & Bakey!

Week 3 Winners:

The Underground

Week 4 Winners: 

Where's the Happiness?





Music & Musicals Weekly Award Winners

Presented by Nova 93.7

Week 1 Winners:

Havana Nights - Cuban Young Guns under the Stars featuring Adam Hall

Chart Toppers: Hits Through the Decades

Kohesia Ensemble and Friends

Week 2 Winners:


90s Playlist

Ella & Louis! Simone Craddock and Adam Hall

Week 3 Winners:

Aire Spanish Flamenco Tablao

Queen of Soul: The Music of Aretha Franklin

Tea Break

Time Capsule

Week 4 Winners:

The Rodgers and Hart Songbook: Adrian Galante and Jessie Gordon

Avenue Q

Sassafras Swings

Dirty Jazz and Clean Living



Theatre & Performance Weekly Award Winners

Presented by Old Young's

Week 1 Winners:

Kind Regards, Michelle Aitken


Jungle In Here

Week 2 Winners:

Wheatfield with Crows

28 Grams

Week 3 Winners:

DIRT by Angus Cameron

Decoupage Skin


Week 4 Winners:

Gatho At Mine

Sweating Like a Stuck Pig


The Four Horsemen of Suburbia


Variety Line-up Event Weekly Award Winner

Presented by ABC Radio Perth

Week 1 Winner: 

Best Of Africa - Live Stand-Up Comedy 2022


Week 2 Winner: 

All Horn-ed Up! with the Two Cent Professionals

Week 3 Winners:

Big Time Burly Q

Best of Comedy Lounge For Kids

Double Entendre

Family Rave Day - Intergalactic

Week 4 Winners:

Cygnet Student Film Festival

HERENOW22: Outside In

Queer Comedy

Suits Off - The 50 Shades Show

Desia AfroSoul


Visual Arts & Film Weekly Award Winner

Presented by oOh! Media

Week 1 Winner: 


Week 2 Winner: 

Walking with Colour: Cinematic Nature by Michael Haluwana

Illuminate: Timescapes

Week 3 Winners:

Starship Cruising

Toy Stories

Week 4 Winners:

Get Pasted


Perth Now Critics Choice Award Weekly Winners

Presented by Seven West Media

Week 1 Winner:

Rory Lowe: Certified Funny Boy

Me, My Cult & I

A One Man Circus 

Week 2 Winners:


A Bit Too Edinburgh Fringe

Week 3 Winners:

Ginava's Messy Friends

Week 4 Winners:

Chicken Flavour

Pillow Talk: Back in the Sack

Queer Comedy