FRINGE WORLD Festival is the largest and most popular annual event in Western Australia and has quickly grown to become the third-largest Fringe in the world. 

As a Not-for-profit with charity status, FRINGE WORLD works with key partners every year to present the very best Festival for audiences to enjoy and artists to shine whilst finding new and novel ways to bring our partners' brands, products and services to life within the FRINGE WORLD experience. 

Our partners find that FRINGE WORLD is a comprehensive business solution and that our team give unparalleled service to help you achieve a return on your investment. 

A partnership with FRINGE WORLD delivers: 

  • Positive brand alignment and exposure
  • Access to a massive and diverse audience
  • High-impact experiential marketing opportunities
  • Support to the community of Western Australia
  • Dedicated servicing by our Partnership Team
  • Quantifiable return on investment, measurement and research tools
  • Unique hospitality experiences

FRINGE WORLD Festival 2018 Results

Click here to read more about the 2018 Festival results.

FRINGE WORLD Impact Report

Each year, FRINGE WORLD releases an Impact Report that outlines the Festival's positive impact across cultural, social and economic terrains. The 2018 FRINGE WORLD Impact Report is available for you to read here.


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Contact us for further information about FRINGE WORLD, its audience and reach, and how your brand and company will benefit from alignment with WA's most popular annual event. 

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Marketing Director 
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