Partner with Fringe

As Western Australia’s largest and most popular annual event, FRINGE WORLD offers brands and companies access to almost every audience imaginable.

A partnership and alignment with Perth’s favourite event delivers excellent return on investment and allows our partners to:

  • Engage with and attract customers through brand activations and targeted marketing campaigns;
  • Access complimentary event tickets and corporate hospitality packages to achieve customer retention goals and deliver stakeholder servicing and staff benefits; and
  • Position their brand as a hero supporter of WA culture and community.

FRINGE WORLD 2020 Results and 2021 Plans

The 2020 FRINGE WORLD Festival recorded 722 events at over 150 venues spread across Perth City and other metropolitan suburbs and regional towns in WA. Attendance at ticketed and non-ticketed events topped 820,000. 

Read the ARTRAGE Impact Report for insight into the Festival's positive impact across cultural, social and economic terrains. The Report also contains information about the Festival's massive audience including survey results.

FRINGE WORLD is the third largest Fringe in the world and 2021 will be a 10th birthday celebration for the Festival, which will take place from Friday 15 January to 14 February. More information about the plans for the 2021 Festival can be found here.

2020 Partnership Activity

Artrage Partnership Policy

FRINGE WORLD is presented by ARTRAGE Inc. a non-for-profit registered charity and Western Australian arts and cultural organisation.

Our goal for partnerships is for both organisations to achieve their business goals through the support and delivery of ARTRAGE events. Without partnerships, ARTRAGE would not be able to deliver its projects. These partnerships allow us to fulfil our purpose, engage with new audiences and provide vital funding.

The independence of our artists is vital to the Festival and as such sponsorship does not dictate FRINGE WORLD independent programming.

The three pillars of the ARTRAGE Sponsorship Policy outline who we partner with:

  1. We work with partners to achieve ARTRAGE’s organisational Purpose, Vision, Mission and other strategic business goals;
  2. We prefer to do business with companies and organisations that appreciate and recognise WA as much as we do; and
  3. We continually review our partnerships to ensure that the partnership is achieving its goals and that it aligns with the proportional expectations of ARTRAGE stakeholders*.

*ARTRAGE stakeholders include participating artists, Life Members, customers and partners.

More information about ARTRAGE is here.

Contact Us

The 2021 Festival will be held from the 15 January to 14 February. 

We would love to talk with you about how we can help you achieve your goals and reach your desired market, and how your support will enable us to deliver this valued Western Australian event.

Indi Ranson
Partnership Manager
Phone: (08) 9227 6288 

Jo Hos 
Marketing Director 
Phone: (08) 9227 6288