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Duration: 50 min

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Big Top at The Pleasure Garden

Russell Square, Northbridge, WA, 6003

Minors can only attend this show at this venue with a parent or legal guardian. Check the COVID Safe page on our website for vaccination requirements.

Suitability and warnings: All (General)

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Loud Noises, Smoke Effects, Strobe Lighting

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Mild

Shows with broad family appeal. Big on fun, low on risk.

About this event

Arm yourselves for a mighty Viking adventure! Join Ulf and Ragnar on an epic voyage of circus and comedy across rough seas. These two young Vikings have a task from the gods, but are they up to the challenge? This is a journey not to be missed!

"Bayliss and Norton are absolutely laugh out loud funny" ★★★★½ Fourth Wall Media, 2021

Presented by:
Ella Norton

Ella Norton and Aidan Bayliss are Perth locals who have been performing around WA and internationally for over a decade. Both trained in the circus arts, Aidan and Ella share a great passion for comedy and being ridiculous. In recent years Ella has performed all over the world with multi-award-winning company YUCK Circus, whilst Aidan has toured internationally with his solo street show and worked behind the scenes rigging on many productions.

Fringefeed reviews

  • VIKINGS! is the ultimate in children’s entertainment. – The Fourth Wall
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Greatest of all time
Greatest of all time
Recycle that, would see again
Recycle that, would see again
No idea what I just saw
No idea what I just saw
Not my cup of tea
Not my cup of tea
Sexy fringe show
Sexy fringe show
Emotional roller-coaster
Emotional roller-coaster
Laughed so hard I cried
Laughed so hard I cried
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