About Us

FRINGE WORLD acknowledges the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation as the traditional custodians of the land on which we Fringe and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.


FRINGE WORLD is a massively popular annual festival held in in Perth that is annually enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people.

The incredible array of entertainment on offer in FRINGE WORLD offers something for everyone; from comedy, music and musicals, circus and much more, plus ticket prices are great value so you can enjoy multiple shows in one night out.

The 2021 FRINGE WORLD Festival was smaller in scale and scope to previous Festivals due to the effects of COVID-19. However, there were more than 559 events at 130 venues spread across Perth and regional WA. $5.9 million was spent at the Box Office and there were 226, 800 ticketed attendance.

The 2022 Festival will be held from 14 January to 13 February.

People roaming The Woodside Pleasure Garden

The Woodside Pleasure Garden. Photo by Miles Noel.

What shows are in the Festival?

In a global landscape of more than 400 Fringe festivals, FRINGE WORLD is the third largest Fringe on the planet, and in terms of total box office Western Australia’s largest annual arts event.

The Festival's big program of high quality and diverse arts, cultural and creative experiences are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Western Australians and visitors annually.

FRINGE WORLD is open-access which means anyone can participate and the Festival does not curate the program, buy any shows nor employ artists directly.

The open-access Fringe model is popular with artists and as a result FRINGE WORLD is the largest annual performance platform for local artists with more than 94% of 2021 participating artists coming from WA, alongside participation from Australian artists and international performers.

Find out more about participating in FRINGE WORLD as an artist or venue.

  People sitting in the front courtyard of the East Perth Girls School
Girls School. Photo by Miles Noel.

Who presents FRINGE WORLD?

FRINGE WORLD Festival is presented by ARTRAGE Inc, a non-for-profit registered charity that is one of the oldest arts organisations in WA.

Alongside FRINGE WORLD Festival, ARTRAGE also currently produces two cinemas Rooftop Movies (est. 2012) and Girls School Cinema (est. 2018).

The ARTRAGE Strategic Plan and its organisational Purpose, Vision, Mission and The Way We Work statement informs how the Festival is delivered.

ARTRAGE Purpose: To enrich and evolve the culture of Western Australia by creating open artistic opportunities for audiences and artists.

ARTRAGE Vision: To embed arts in the hearts and minds of all Western Australians.

ARTRAGE Mission: To provide enduring benefits for artists, audiences and a diverse family of stakeholders through presenting cultural events with global appeal.

The Way We Work:

  • We mainstream Fringe culture.
  • We surprise and delight.
  • Our success is defined by the success of our artists.
  • We make Perth better.


Impact Report

The producer of FRINGE WORLD, ARTRAGE Inc, annually releases an Impact Report that reveals the massive benefits the Festival delivers to the Western Australian community. 

Click here to read the ARTRAGE 2021 Impact Report.


More information

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