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The Laugh Resort 9 at 9
Perth Happenings | 23 Feb 2022
With the lineup changing week to week, it’s a safe bet for those wanting a Fringe show with next to no ‘admin.’ Just turn up, sit back with a drink and laugh until your face hurts.
Altar Boyz
Fringefeed | 14 Feb 2022
These guys are hilarious and the lyrics are quite irreverent, in a good way.
Fringefeed | 14 Feb 2022
An incredible immersive spectacular that closed the FRINGE WORLD season with a bang!
New York, New York?
Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2022
This delightful mini-musical will regale you in song and anecdote!
DIVAS - The Drag Revue: Fierce and Fabulous
Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2022
Leave with a jiggle in your wiggle and a huge smile on your dial.
Luke Bolland: Bubble Boy
Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2022
Bolland is refreshing to watch and makes you feel good as you laugh along to his wild stories.
Dizney in Drag: Once Upon a Parody
Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2022
It's the highlight of Fringe this year.
Throwback 90s
Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2022
The six-piece ensemble entered the stage rocking some sweet 90’s threads and an on-point overkill of denim.
CIRCUS FIRE Spectacular!
Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2022
CIRCUS FIRE Spectacular! Is damn good, it’s fire, danger, comedy, special effects, acrobats, a love story & part motivational extravaganza.
Captain Spaceship: Operation Goon Squad
Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2022
Want a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat? Not in fear, but in delight--What mad, absurd thing will happen next? Well then, ‘Captain Spaceship: Operation Goon Squad’ is the show for you!
Guru Dudu's Silent Disco Walking Tours
Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2022
Go along, get involved, groove it out to some great tunes and enjoy the soul train.
Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2022
I AM THEY is a production about real stories that are so raw that they leave you crying or feeling something tug at your heart strings - some of which might hit a little closer to home than you would like to acknowledge.