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Absolute Weirdo
Fourth Wall Media | 25 Feb 2021
It’s difficult to review a magic show as, much like a magician I don’t want to reveal all, but suffice it to say that Robbie’s tricks are absolutely jaw-dropping.
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The Underground
Around The Sound | 22 Feb 2021
I was enthralled from start to finish, which, for me, came far too early in the evening. Please, one more dance. One more dance!
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The Kaye Hole
Out In Perth | 16 Feb 2021
Kaye Hole is punk, with lashes and lashings of humour at the heart of it. Incredibly camp, unashamedly camp and throwing any semblance of guilt or shame to the ether.
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Black Santa
The Fourth Wall | 15 Feb 2021
His delivery is laid back and confident, his smile infectious, and his attitude overwhelmingly positive.
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Johnno McDonno falls in love...
Fringefeed | 15 Feb 2021
Johnno is an emotive force, conveying much of the human experience through expressive mime and song.
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Stories with a Twist
Fringefeed | 15 Feb 2021
An uplifting experience with a great mix of very human and very relatable funny stories.
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Justin Sider is D!ckless
Out In Perth | 15 Feb 2021
Warm and welcoming performance, covering the personal and the political, without ramming it down our throats. Incorporating absurd humour, slapstick comedy, original songwriting, live singing, rapping and storytelling.
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The Baroque
Fringefeed | 14 Feb 2021
Nilsson’s impeccable clowning talents make even the mundane hysterical.
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Fringefeed | 14 Feb 2021
MAN-BO offers audiences an action-packed one-man show that will have you laughing the entire time.
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Club Burlesque
Perth Happenings | 13 Feb 2021
A Burlesque group that gripped the audience and delivered laugh upon laugh, despite the dulled energy in the room.
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DIVAS - The Drag Revue: Fierce & Fabulous
The Fourth Wall | 12 Feb 2021
Big hair, big boobs, big vocals, and big dance moves!
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Justin Sider is D!ckless
The Fourth Wall | 12 Feb 2021
He is witty, funny and an absolute joy to watch.