As a Business

We want to share your business with the FRINGE WORLD audience through the new Fringey Offers program.

The Fringey Offers program is being presented by FRINGE WORLD so that we can shine the light on businesses in the City of Perth, and provide further leveraging opportunities so that you can capitalise on the hundreds of thousands of people who will be flocking to the City for the 2020 Festival.

To sign up for this program, complete the registration form and tell us what offer you have for FRINGE WORLD customers. Some examples of offers you might like to consider are; 20% off, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, freebies or a special FRINGE WORLD menu item.

The Fringey Offers will be published on the FRINGE WORLD website from January and we will promote the Fringey Offers program via our social network.
We will also supply you with a Pink Pack, which includes 40m of FRINGE WORLD Bunting, up to 2 x Fringey Offers decals and up to 50 x FRINGE WORLD Festival Guides for your business.

Click here to register.