Frequently Asked Questions



FRINGE WORLD is a summer celebration held in in Perth, Western Australia during the city's buzzing summer festival period. The 2018 FRINGE WORLD Festival was held from 26 January to 25 February. 

FRINGE WORLD is the largest annual event in Western Australia and the third largest Fringe in the world. Yep, Perthians really love their Fringe! 

The annual program of events is all about big variety and offering something for absolutely everyone. The line up includes comedy, circus, free and family entertainment, theatre, visual arts, music and musicals, dance and cabaret presented by Western Australian artists along with performers from all over the world. 

The 2018 Festival played host to 750 shows at over 130 venues and performance spaces spread across Perth and further afield in local communities and neighbourhoods. The 2018 Festival sold more than 360,000 tickets and generated box office sales of almost $10 million. Attendance at ticketed and non-ticketed events topped 800,000. 

FRINGE WORLD Festival is produced by Artrage Inc, a Not-For-Profit cultural organisation and charity that has been at the forefront of enriching and evolving the creative arts and culture of Western Australia since 1983. 

The Festival's positive cultural, social and economic benefits for the state is documented in the 2018 FRINGE WORLD Impact Report.

FRINGE WORLD has been running since 2011 and will return from 18 January to 17 February in 2019.  

Who produces FRINGE WORLD?

FRINGE WORLD is produced by Artrage, a not-for-profit charitable organisation with a mission to enrich the cultural fabric of Perth and Western Australia. Artrage is Western Australia's longest running not-for-profit arts organisation established in 1983. Originating as an alternative to the Perth International Arts Festival, Artrage has evolved into a key production company supporting contemporary culture in Western Australia. 

Help! I can't login to the FRINGE WORLD website

We have a brand-spanking-new website for FRINGE WORLD Festival 2018. This means that if you’ve previously bought tickets with us your login email address will be the same as before, however, you’ll need to update your password before you can begin purchasing Fringe tickets and Gift Vouchers.

Here’s how to update your password:

  1. Go to our shiny, new login page.
  2. Click on the 'Forgotten your password?' link.
  3. Enter in your email address and hit 'Reset Password'.
  4. You will be emailed a new password so check your inbox.
  5. Head back to the login page, enter in your email address and copy and paste your new password into the sign in fields.

Make sure to reset your password to something more secure and one you'll remember for when you need to login next time!

Can I work/volunteer with the Festival?

Sign up to our e-news and keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out about jobs and volunteer opportunities with FRINGE WORLD. 

Where can I get a copy of the Festival printed Guide?

You can read the 2018 FRINGE WORLD Festival guide online here.

Where can I find more information about FRINGE WORLD?

The Festival's cultural, social and economic benefits for Western Australia are documented in the 2018 FRINGE WORLD Impact Report. 

How can I give feedback to FRINGE WORLD?

We welcome customer feedback, comments and questions at any time! Just fill out our Contact Us form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

At the conclusion of the 2017 Festival, we invited all audiences to complete our survey, which was an opportunity to provide comprehensive feedback. Key results and findings of this survey are then referred to by our team in the planning and development of future festivals. We also publish highlights from all Festival surveys in our annual Impact Report. 

I'm an artist. Can I perform in the Festival?

FRINGE WORLD is an open-access Festival, which means that artists from anywhere in the world can register to be part of the event. 

Registrations for the 2019 Festival are now closed. Sign up to our e-news to receive notification of when 2020 registrations are open. 

I'm a venue manager. Can my venue be part of FRINGE WORLD?

FRINGE WORLD is an open-access Festival and there are a number of ways that Perth venues can be part of the event. Venues, like artists, need to register their interest with the Festival. 

Registrations for the 2019 Festival are now closed.

Sign Up to our e-news to receive notification of when 2020 registrations are open.


What are the benefits of joining the FRINGE WORLD Friends club?

FRINGE WORLD Friends received a bunch of sweet treats in 2018!

2018 Festival benefits:

  • Skip the Line MultiPass: This allows the bearer plus one to jump the queue at key FRINGE WORLD venues – multiple times!  
  • Access to exclusive 2 for 1 discounted tickets: More than 200 events in 2018 had 2 for 1 discounts for some sessions available to Friends only. 
  • New improved FRINGE WORLD Friends e-news: with recommendations, tips and hints to make your Fringe experience super enjoyable. 
  • Express Friends line at FRINGE WORLD Box Offices. 
  • Exclusive advance release tickets: For the first time ever Friend received early access to purchase a selection of FRINGE WORLD event tickets before anyone else. 


Year-round benefits

To keep the good times going post Fringe… in partnership with a growing family of like-minded businesses and arts organisations, a new program of year-round exclusive access to benefits with some of the best cultural, entertainment and hospitality providers in Perth. Watch this space for more details!

Read our Terms and Conditions for more detail about this club. ​

What shows will be released with TeaserTix?

It’s a surprise! There will be a broad variety of shows available, including some of the biggest shows of the Festival. You will find out what shows TeaserTix are available for when round 1 is released on October 15. 

When can I start buying Friends Frenzy tickets?

Friends Frenzy 30% off select tickets are available from 18 October - 16 January. 

How do I know which shows have Friends Frenzy tickets available?

You can filter the program by the Friends Frenzy ticket type.


When you're on the event page keep an eye out for this marker which indicates when a session has Friends Frenzy tickets available.


Make sure to get in fast as there are only a limited number of Friends Frenzy tickets available per session!

What is the cut-off date for becoming a Friend?

There isn't one but we highly recommend becoming a Friend as soon as possible to take advantage of TeaserTix and Friends Frenzy tickets!