FRINGE WORLD is an open-access Festival, which means anyone can participate and have a go. It’s up to individuals, companies and venues to choose and take part in the Festival.

FRINGE WORLD manages directly a number of venues in the Festival such as The Woodside Pleasure Garden, The Ice Cream Factory, Girls School, the pop up venues at FRINGE Central in The Perth Cultural Centre and the pop-up venues at Yagan Square. The other venues in the Festival are independent and not directly managed by FRINGE WORLD and the Festival has no involvement in their programming or management.

FRINGE WORLD is produced by ARTRAGE INC, a not for profit registered charity whose purpose is to enrich and evolve the culture of Western Australia.

Alongside producing FRINGE WORLD, ARTRAGE INC also produces and manages a number of other arts and entertainment enterprises including Rooftop Movies and Girls School Cinema.

Commitment to Sustainability 

FRINGE WORLD acknowledges the Festival’s effect on the environment as a large-scale public event. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and implementing environmentally responsible practice.

FRINGE WORLD annually undertakes a review of its Sustainability Plan and strives to operate in a mode of constant improvement towards its sustainability goals.

What we do

The following sustainability actions relate to venues managed by FRINGE WORLD.

Waste management

The Festival has a range of measures in place to reduce and recycle its waste:

  • Recyclable and non-recyclable items are separated at all FRINGE WORLD managed venues.
  • Cardboard waste is collected and recycled.
  • Up-cycled furnishings are often used to decorate venues.
  • Food providers are encouraged to use cutlery and food serving items made from biodegradable and compostable materials.
  • No straws are supplied as part of regular bar service (only upon request and straws provided are biodegradable).
  • Water tanks are available at bars for drinking water to encourage the refilling of containers and the reduction of single-use plastic waste.
  • The Festival office and Box Offices have recycling protocols in place so that paper, cardboard, printer cartridges, plastics, glass, metal etc are recycled where possible.

The ARTRAGE INC office has year-round recycling protocols in place so that paper, cardboard, printer cartridges, plastics, glass, metal etc are recycled where possible. The office strives towards a paper-free environment by the use of digital management platforms.


In 2019, FRINGE WORLD is currently trialling E-Ticketing services for full implementation in 2020. The transition to a full festival-wide switch to an e-ticketing system will dramatically reduce the number of tickets printed by the Festival.

FRINGE WORLD Produced Materials and designated poster areas

Dedicated areas for artist signage via fencing and other temporary structures are erected throughout the city as dedicated promotional spaces in order to reduce promotional litter and vandalism.

For posters and signage, the Festival seeks to where possible recycle, upcycle or re-use the materials.

Longer-term goals

The Festival acknowledges that it can and should do more to reduce its waste.

The Festival’s sustainability initiatives are continually reviewed and the following items have been identified as targets for 2021 and beyond:

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable service materials available at all FRINGE WORLD managed venues and bars.
  • Supporting independent venues through best practice advice.
  • E-ticketing roll-out across the full Festival.

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At the conclusion of each Festival, we invite all audiences to complete our survey, which is an opportunity to provide comprehensive feedback. Key results and findings of this survey are then referred to by our team in the planning and development of future festivals. We also publish highlights from all Festival surveys in our annual Impact Report.