FRINGE WORLD is produced by ARTRAGE, a not-for-profit registered charity. As an open access festival, meaning anyone can participate and have a go, it’s up to individuals, companies and venues to register with FRINGE WORLD and deliver a program that best suits them. 

As well as overseeing the festival platform, ARTRAGE directly manages a number of hubs, including The Pleasure Garden, Perth Cultural Centre and Liberty Fringe. Other venues in the Festival are independently managed.

Alongside producing FRINGE WORLD, ARTRAGE also produces and manages several other arts and entertainment enterprises including Rooftop Movies.

The following sustainability information relates to venues and activity directly managed by ARTRAGE.

Sustainability Commitment

ARTRAGE acknowledges its effect on the environment as a large-scale public event provider. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and implementing environmentally responsible practice. ARTRAGE annually undertakes a review of its Sustainability Plan and strives to operate in a mode of constant improvement towards its sustainability goals.

In 2020, ARTRAGE developed a three-year Environmental Sustainability Management Plan to assess, plan and track its commitment to sustainability. This plan outlines the aim, objectives, and actions to deliver a more environmentally sustainable operation. The following information is a summary of key objectives and actions outlined in the Plan.


To minimise the environmental impact in the operation of all ARTRAGE activities.


  • Reduce the output or offset ARTRAGE’s carbon emissions.
  • Reduce the consumption of potable water within ARTRAGE’s activities.
  • Reduce the amount of general waste generated from ARTRAGE’s activities and manage alternate waste responsibly.
  • Integrate sustainable principles into procurement practices of ARTRAGE.
  • Provide educational platforms of sustainable practices.

Key Action’s for 2023

  • Item 3.1 - Reduce the general landfill waste by 60% by 2023.
  • Item 3.2 - Reduce the use of single use plastic cups on all ARTRAGE sites.
  • Item 3.3 - Remove the use of single use plastic bottles on all ARTRAGE sites.
  • Item 3.4 - Waste sorting stations.
  • Item 3.5 - Reusable washing station.
  • Item 3.6 - Container deposit scheme.
  • Item 3.7 - Reduce use of paper and printed materials by 30% by 2023.
  • Item 3.8 - Single use waste restrictions.


Key Initiatives for 2023

  • Continue with minimising paper promotions (such as the FRINGE WORLD Guide) – The removal of the printed FRINGE WORLD Guide to reduce the Festival’s use of paper and printed material products and allow a flexible artist registration timeline.
  • E-Ticketing – In 2020, FRINGE WORLD launched the use of e-ticketing, will be expanded upon throughout venues not managed by ARTRAGE.
  • Removing single use products from all Food & Beverage outlets – FRINGE WORLD Hub Bars and Food Vendors only sold and served products in reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging to reduce the waste sent to general landfill.
  • In 2021 FRINGE WORLD introduced reusable plastic cups to the Fringe hubs. This will continue at The Pleasure Garden, Perth Cultural Centre, and Liberty Fringe.
  • Recycling all containers, cardboard hard plastics – Waste sorting stations will be setup at each FRINGE WORLD Hub, and containers, bottles and cans will be sent to a container deposit depot for recycling.
  • Biodegradable waste – All FRINGE WORLD Hubs had biodegradable waste stations, and waste was composted accordingly.
  • Sustainable Practices – ARTRAGE has adapted sustainable business practices in its day to day operations by reducing the amount of document printing, reducing year-on-year printed materials, and implemented staff awareness training.