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Duration: 60 min

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  • High Audio Content

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Rosemount Hotel

Rosemount Hotel, 459 Fitzgerald St, North Perth, WA, 6006

Check the COVID Safe page on our website for vaccination requirements. Minors can only attend this show at this venue with a parent or legal guardian.

Suitability and warnings: M

Coarse Language:




Other Warnings:

Mental Health, Sexual References, Suicide/Self Harm

Please note:

Gender and sexual diversity themes

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Hot

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About this event

He has a story. She deserves a voice. They want you to listen.

So, immerse into self-discovery and unleash emotions with their triumph and tragedy of living in a world of gender and sexual diversity. Love, self-harm, body dysphoria, changing identity, intimacy, family, and other realms of humanity are bought to the conversations and performances of this incredibly honest and offering cast, identifying as LBGTQI+ 

"Laughter, tears, horror, anger, but most of all I finished with such love and celebration... a high level of honesty...such a roller coaster" Alyce Schotte Transfolk WA Representative, 2021

Allies and identifiers please join us in this dramatic hour of visual artistry, spoken word, and live music.  A show that will blur the lines and unite our community.

Presented by:
Lyrical Infusion

Lyrical Infusion is a WA, owned creative production company founded by Sally Newman. Heading into their 7th year running at FRINGE WORLD, Lyrical Infusion prides itself on presenting original shows that give the community a voice and start conversations that lead to change, awareness and inclusiveness.

Creative Director, Newman, is a multi-award, winning playwright, screen producer, and poet. Being recognized for her raw and powerful style of writing and her ability to bring everyday stories and people onto the stage to entertain the wider community.

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Greatest of all time
Greatest of all time
Recycle that, would see again
Recycle that, would see again
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No idea what I just saw
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Not my cup of tea
Sexy fringe show
Sexy fringe show
Emotional roller-coaster
Emotional roller-coaster
Laughed so hard I cried
Laughed so hard I cried
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