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Arty Facts
Fringefeed | 17 Jan 2022
Get a brand-new perspective from the other side of the canvas.
Fringefeed | 17 Jan 2022
The entire audience was in hysterics over this all too relatable show.
Fringefeed | 17 Jan 2022
This show has everything from tantalising burlesque; to hair-raising acrobatics that will leave you ravenous for more!
Briefs: Bite Club
Fringefeed | 17 Jan 2022
If I could give Briefs: Bite Club 6 stars, I would. But I can’t, so instead I will say, you must see this show.
Out In Perth | 17 Jan 2022
I may have screamed incredibly loud on more than one occasion.
Come Away With Me - A Norah Jones Tribute
Fringefeed | 17 Jan 2022
The entire band were note perfect. Georgie’s voice was heaven sent.
Fringefeed | 17 Jan 2022
You will adore this colourful virtual world.
Would You Like Thighs With That?
Fringefeed | 17 Jan 2022
An electric atmosphere and has the audience eager for more.
Deep House Vinyasa
Fringefeed | 17 Jan 2022
Whether you’re a regular or occasional yogi, this Fringe experience is worth checking out.
Your Village Peeps
Fringefeed | 17 Jan 2022
A family friendly, delightful show that children, adults and older patrons will all enjoy.
The Odyssey: The Epic Tale of Odysseus on his Super Long Journey Home
Seesaw | 16 Jan 2022
"The spectacular set (well, actually it’s a cardboard box chopped up into the shapes of boats, lightning bolts, swords and goblets) and skintight sound effects add pace and great humour to proceedings."
+18 The Flannel Panel
Fringefeed | 16 Jan 2022
"If crude humour is your thing, then The Flannel Panel are here to help you grin"