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Worship - The Gilded Edition
Fringefeed | 31 Jan 2021
The surreal journey of Worship will prompt questions around how we engage within ourselves and one another.
Thumb tunes and textures
Tunes & Textures ~ Volume IV
Fringefeed | 31 Jan 2021
Intimate backyard party meets live music, spoken poetry and visual art.
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Five Stubbies For A Six-Pack
Fringefeed | 31 Jan 2021
Has as much heart as it does hilarity
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How to Drown a Fish
Fringefeed | 31 Jan 2021
Engaging, funny and relatable tale about love and what it takes to move beyond your comfort zone.
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Cultural Renegades
Fourth Wall Media | 30 Jan 2021
Are you ready to get down to it, shake your groove thing and dance all night long?
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Work It Out
Fourth Wall Media | 30 Jan 2021
Go see Work It Out because you need this needy man in your life.
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Uncorked Comedy | Wine tasting with a comedian
Fringefeed | 30 Jan 2021
Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or you can go no further than telling red from white, this show makes a good start to a night out with a date or mates.
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Matt Penny: The Last Resort Magician
Fourth Wall Media | 30 Jan 2021
Sincere performance that leaves you smiling.
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Fringefeed | 30 Jan 2021
This is physical expression at its finest, rendered complete in a way that is unexpected, joyful and utterly nourishing for the soul.
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A Midsummer Night's Drink
Fringefeed | 30 Jan 2021
It just goes to show that booze does indeed go quite well with The Bard.
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A Nought For A Cross
Fourth Wall Media | 30 Jan 2021
A great show for all ages with some lightly touched on underlying messages about truth bravery friendship and of course that it’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game.
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Coffee Cantata
Fringefeed | 30 Jan 2021
It is destined to captivate anyone who is privileged enough to see it.