yourseven by James Berlyn

Theatre / Interactive
Scaled yourseven   hero   image by aaron weber
Shakespeare's never been done like this! Your life in seven one-on-one photo booth encounters.

Based on Jaques' famous speech from "As You Like it", this experience asks you to consider your life journey through the frame of Shakespeare's seven ages of man. What has your life been like up to this point, and what are your expectations of what is still to come?

Featuring a talented cast of WA's brightest young theatre makers and performers, this is a gently provocative and touchingly intimate show, offering you a new perspective to explore the private drama of you. Each person who visits yourseven will leave with a bespoke album of Polaroid photos.
Image credit: Aaron Webber

Presented by:
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA)

PICA is both a producing and presenting institution that delivers a dynamic program of curated exhibitions, seasons of contemporary performance, studio residencies and creative developments.

PICA's mission is to create career-defining moments for artists, life-changing experiences for audiences of all ages and critical turning points in the advancement of art forms.