Weekly Award Winners

See below for a full list of 2020 Weekly Award Winners:

Cabaret Weekly Award Winners

Presented by Kleenheat

Week 1 Winners:
Charlie Caper - Magical
Gender Blender Burlesque 2

Week 2 Winners: 
Lucinda Panties' Super Funtimes Singalong Jamboree
Me & My Divas
She'll Be Right: A Tradie Cabaret

Week 3 Winners:
A Night At The Opera
BurLEZque: Spellbound
I Sing Songs

Week 4 Winners:
Lisa Woodbrook: It's Not Me, It's Definitely You - Songs of Amy Winehouse & Lily Allen
Winefulness : Tash York
A Very, Very Good Variety Show
The Aspie Hour
Elton John: Your song


Children's Event Weekly Award Winners

Presented by City of Perth Parking

Week 1 Winners:
Game ON 2.0!
Rickshaw Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Week 2 Winners:
3 Speed Crunch Box Rebooted
Brass Monkeys
The Kid Who Climbed A Mountain

Week 3 Winners:
Magnus' Explosion Laboratory 2: Electric Boogaloo
Mr Snot bottom's Horrible Terrible Really Really Bad Bad Show
Rosco From Scotland: The Curse That Got Worse

Week 4 Winner:


Circus Weekly Award Winners

Presented by MadFish Wines 

Week 1 Winner:
Sirqus Alfon – I Am Somebody

Week 2 Winners:
Casting Off
L.I.A.R. (Life Is A Rehearsal)
Purple People Comedy & Circus

Week 3 Winners:

Week 4 Winner:


Comedy Weekly Award Winners

Presented by Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Week 1 Winners:
2 Nuts for Dick Tricks: A Dirk Darrow Investigation
Anna Piper Scott: Queer & Present Danger
Elliot Bibby: Bibs 'N' Bobs
Karen from Finance is Out of Office

Week 2 Winners: 
Arj Barker - Keeper or Crapper 2020
Gordon Southern: That Boy Needs Therapy
Moments in Time
ROBYN PERKINS: Mating Selection
Steph Tisdell "Baby Beryl"

Week 3 Winners:
A Cult For You
Chris Turner: Target Demographic
Mums Gone Wild
Troy Hawke: Tiles of The Unexpected

Week 4 Winners:
Bogan Shakespeare Presents: Much Ado About Nothing
Chris Turner: Rap God
Gusset Grippers
The Bride
Tom Skelton: 2020 Visions (What if I hadn't gone blind?)
Josh Earl Talks
The Bakers
Jacques Barrett: Boom-Jacqua-Laka!!!


Dance & Physical Theatre Award Winners

Presented by K&L Gates

Week 1 Winner:
High Expectations

Week 2 Winners:
Boy Name: Reconcile
Secret Suppers Presents - Children of the 80s Immersive Dinner

Week 3 Winners:
(un)written · (un)heard

Week 4 Winners: 
In Cahoots
Team of the Decades


Film & Multimedia Weekly Award Winners

Presented by Channel 7

Week 1 Winner:


Music & Musicals Weekly Award Winners

Presented by Nova 93.7

Week 1 Winners:
Jessie Gordon: A Night of Quite Original Music
Movin' Melvin Brown - Y R U Laughing - An American Music Story
The Choir of Man
The Music of Disney feat Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys

Week 2 Winners:
Best Friends Again
Margaritaville: Jimmy Buffet Power Hour
The Last Five Years

Week 3 Winners:
Jessie Gordon is Out of the Loop
Nina, Love Simone - Simone Craddock & Adrian Galante

Week 4 Winners:
Ballads, Banksias and Beauty
Kohesia Unplugged: Persian Quartet
Sassafras: An Evening of Gypsy Swing
Welcome to the Jungle
Adam Halls Dance Party featuring free style MC Macshane


Street Performer/Busker Weekly Award Winner

Presented by City of Perth

Week 1 Winner:
Melon the Human

Week 2 Winner:
Logy Logan


Theatre Weekly Award Winners

Presented by Perth Theatre Trust

Week 1 Winners:
French Over
Kafka's Ape
Wil Greenway: These Trees The Autumn Leaves Alone

Week 2 Winners:

No Hero with Stuart Lightbody
The Pitch

Week 3 Winners:
The Mariner's Song

Week 4 Winners:
A Special Day
Stuart Lightbody's Secrets
Adult Story Time Part 3. 'In bocca al lupo'
Avenge the Tell-Tale Heart: Discoveries Through Foley Art


Variety Line-up Event Weekly Award Winner

Presented by ABC Radio Perth

Week 1 Winner:
Best Of Africa - Live Stand Up Comedy

Week 2 Winner: 
Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes
Bernie Dieter's Little Death Club
Burlesque Idol Australia
Girlz Night Out

Week 3 Winners:
Ashes: A Comedy Showdown
Comedians Vs Rappers
Beyond: The Magic of Ming Da

Week 4 Winners: 
The Little HOO-HAA!
Clean Comedy


Visual Arts and Design Weekly Award Winners

Presented by oOh! Media

Week 1 Winner:
GANify: Funhouse Mirror Machine

Week 2 Winners:
Lust for Lustre


The West Australian Critic’s Choice Weekly Winners

Presented by The West Australian

Week 1 Winners:
Karen from Finance is Out of Office
Splash Test Dummies

Week 2 Winners:
Anna Piper Scott: Queer and Present Danger
L.I.A.R. (Life is a Rehearsal)
Sirqus Alfon: I Am Somebody

Week 3 Winners:
Aidan Jones - Taco

Week 4 Winners:
100 Years Of The History Of Dance As Told By One Man In 60 Minutes With An Energetic Group Finale
A Special Day

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