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Japan's quickest comedy export, Takashi was born and raised in Japan. Stuck in a chasm between Japanese and Western culture, Takashi brings a fresh perspective on Aussie life from the point-of-view of a Japanese person. On the same note, his insight into everyday life in Japan is sure to have you both fascinated and roaring with laughter.

Presented by:
Takashi Wakasugi

Japans Quickest Comedy Export. Typical Japan boy Takashi studied in Sydney as an exchange student in 2012 and started comedy. Upon his return to Japan, Takashi joined the fresh English Comedy scene, with frequent gigs at ROR Comedy Club (Osaka) and Stand-Up Tokyo.
Takashi also visited Australia for gigs. He joined some big showcases like Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase Roadshow Tour and Comedy Zone Asia at Melbourne International Comedy Festival.
He also did his 4 solo hour shows at Sydney Comedy Festival, Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival. They were all sold out.

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