This Is Permanent

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Mental Health, Sexual Assault, Sexual References, Suicide/Self Harm

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About this event

Tattoo parlours: a nexus of pleasure and pain, the sacred meets the profane, and private experiences are transformed into permanent works of art. This is a show about tattoos, but not as you have ever experienced them.

Created by emerging theatre maker Dore Khan, This is Permanent draws from eight true stories from tattooed women, and the impact that their ink has had on their lives. It is an ode to the tattooed female form and the struggles of being a woman in a society built on body shaming. This is Permanent explores the transformative and often healing power of tattoos.

Part poetry, part history lesson, and part show and tell, see how an ancient art form has become part of modern, feminist rebellion.

Presented by:
The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights and Third Culture Kids

Dore "Iskra" Khan is an emerging writer, performer and creative born in Pakistan and residing in Perth, WA. Her works explore themes of identity, culture and belonging in modern Australia. She is also a founding member of Third Culture Kids, a performance collective featuring emerging artists of culturally, linguistically and sexually diverse backgrounds.

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