The D & Me: An Intimate Cabernet

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Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Restricted)

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Other Warnings:

Drug use, Mental Health

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About this event

Sven Ironside is just fine thanks for asking!

The D stands for Depression! Your problematic fave is back in town and he hasn't been to therapy in years so pull up a chair and join Sven in an intimate cabernet, as he unpacks some mental boxes clearly marked Do Not Open, exploring his misadventures in queerness, mental health, debauchery and douchebaggery.

Expect music! Singing! Drinking! Dancing! Crying! Absolutely no magic tricks! Naked! A MOP! Drinking!

With the face of an angel, a song in his heart, and wine-stained teeth, this sexy lizard boy will make you cry till you laugh.

Presented by:
Sven Ironside

Perth born and raised, London and vodka-based, Sven Ironside is a serial procrastinator and promised to fix this bio later.

(he didn't)

After making a name for himself in the Perth theatre scene, Sven moved to London to chase his dreams of fame and fortune. He now waits tables as he waits for the sweet embrace of death. In the meantime, he writes songs about his problems and uses humour as a coping mechanism for his cripplingly low self-esteem. He's a really fun guy.

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