World Premiere

Sudden Skies

Theatre / Physical Theatre
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A crisis, a closed gate, a looming storm... What would you do? Sudden Skies is an electric and physical hour of theatre. Two anti-heroes collide onstage with movement, and quick tongues as they fight for survival and safety in a brutally dangerous world.

This is an exploration of the world's refugee crisis and the imminent danger of a volatile climate, performed by Ann-Marie Biagioni and Haydon Wilson. These two humans individually have the power of nations as they undertake a thunderous battle of wills. Co-created by Bridget Le May and Mararo Wangai Sudden Skies is a spectacle that merges light, sound and motion in a world of threat.

Presented by:
The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights & Blank Space Productions

Blank Space Productions is a Perth based theatre company making work with themes of transformation. We aim to engage and are not afraid of bold new forms, big ideas or risky topics. If you are willing to push the boundaries there is always space for transformation.


The Studio at The Blue Room Theatre

53 James Street, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, WA, 6003

18+ venue or accompanied by parent or legal guardian

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Reviewed 4