Scaled stormwater 3

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Scaled stormwater 3

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STORMWATER questions gender equality, diversity and cultural tolerance to the point, where two people in love, brother and sister face the accusation of incest. A story about family secrets, separation, inner suffering, passion, laws and restrictions.
Father, mother, son and daughter meet again after a long time. It should have been a simple gathering in the garage, however they start to unravel volatile issues, they have been hiding from each other for years.
The play addresses ignorance and discrimination from all kinds of perspectives and places the human being in the middle of a contemporary society that is overloaded with information, putting people into boxes and lack of tolerance but is shaped by do's and don'ts.

Audience Responese:

Wow! Last night was brilliant!!! Stormwater is engaging, provocative and forces you to face all of your hidden inner judgements. An eye opening experience not to miss! - audience member

Don't go to Stormwater expecting a traditional Theatre experience. With remnants of Brecht's cognitively confrontational style, Why was the audience member in front of me knitting? Why was I holding a cardboard box? Love. What is love? And will you also need to check that you have fourteen days off food when you get home? - audience member

I did enjoy the powerful opinions that were stated in the play and how one person's judgements can be tested watching it. - audience member

Thank you so much for all your talent and insight. - audience member

I really enjoyed the performance of Stormwater last night... interesting venue and it certainly raised an important issue that I’d not previously even considered. - audience member

Very interesting show, I enjoyed the performance last night.. thank you all! - audience member

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ART IN PROCESS work in a form they describe as EXISTENCE THEATRE. In recent years the artists have started to work with temporary ensembles on 'Existence Theatre' productions internationally. Undeniably influenced by developments and currents of European Postdramatic Theatre and Performance Art, they work site specific and respond to temporality and timelinessness, meeting their audience in a very close manner. With all their projects the artists of EXISTENCE THEATRE aim to raise critical questions rather than to provide trivial answers and take up a strong position against racism, exclusion and any form of discrimination while initiating participatory projects to create space for the perception of one’s own and others’ identities.

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  • "A wonderful choice for students of theatre, lovers of new work and new development and those who like their theatre intimate and intense." – Stage Whispers
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