Songs of the Sea from Fremantle's original shipsters!

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Welcome on board with The Lost Quays and prepare for the calm and the storm, with shanties and other songs of the sea! The sea shanty was the work song from the days of sail, with different rhythms corresponding to varying activities. They tell of life on board, and the thoughts and desires of the men who sang them. The 'shantyman' gives the call (the verse), and the rest of the crew come in with the responses. These choruses are often easy to learn, making them enjoyable for the audience to join in if they wish. Largely a cappella but with some guitar, mandolin and accordion, we perform with energy and good humour, and relish a strong audience connection. Our intros to the songs and shanty tradition reveal insights into seafaring history. We have sailed in festivals and events across WA.

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The Lost Quays

The Lost Quays are a vocal group based in the port of Fremantle, WA. Formed in 2015, our crew are dedicated to singing shanties and other songs of the sea. As well as traditional material, and nautical folk material from around the world, our repertoire also increasingly contains original songs, especially of Australian tales. Recent performances include Fremantle Heritage Festival concerts in the Whalers’ Tunnel, Dirk Hartog 1616 Commemoration in Shark Bay, the Fairbridge Festival, and a shipwreck-themed show at the WA Shipwrecks Museum. The Lost Quays also host a monthly informal Shanty Club at Clancy’s Fish Pub in Fremantle.

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