Shaun Tan: Rules of Summer

Scaled 1. shaun tan  grasslands  front cover   2012  1  lo res
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  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language
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Shows with broad family appeal. Big on fun, low on risk.

Scaled 1. shaun tan  grasslands  front cover   2012  1  lo res

About this event

Rules of Summer features a set of original paintings from Shaun Tan made for the picture book of the same title. The exhibition follows the friendship of two young boys as they're challenged by many difficult and irrational situations, each a metaphor for familiar childhood experiences. The story is a list of mysterious rules, 'Never step on a snail' or 'Never leave a red sock on the clothesline'. As each rule is broken -- not always by accident -- surprising consequences ensue and audiences are invited to decide for themselves what's really happening, and why.

An ART ON THE MOVE touring exhibition.

Presented by:
Ellenbrook Arts

Ellenbrook Arts is the key arts and cultural development organisation serving Ellenbrook and surrounding suburbs.

Formed in 2002, the mission of Ellenbrook Arts is to promote and participate in cultural events and programs, including the promotion of literature, music, performing arts, visual art, craft, design, film, television, radio, community arts and Aboriginal arts at Ellenbrook Estate, and to promote the benefit of participation in cultural events and programs, concerts and exhibitions at Ellenbrook Estate.

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