Ren Lunicke - I'm an Apache Attack Helicopter.

Comedy / Stand Up
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"I'm gender non-binary!", "I'm a 'black' white woman!", "I'm a reincarnated fairy!", "I'm from an alternate dimension called 'heaven!'"... Where is the line?
Defying all safe space, genderqueer performance artist Ren (of the hit play "Ze": queer as f*ck!) takes aim at the identity wars to prove that we all humour things that make each of us ridiculous.

Ren shares their ongoing experiences and observations on gender, sex, politics, and peanut butter that are remarkably only as weird as you are.

This show was originally presented as part of the NZ Comedy Festival and continues to develop as a platform for unconventional comedy.

Presented by:
Zir Productions

Ren Lunicke is a genderqueer Ameri-nadian Kiw-aussie based in New Zealand and best know for their award nominated and winning show "Ze": queer as f*ck! as well as alternative comedy. Zir shows mine personal experience, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality to connect audiences to themselves, the "other," nature, and even the divine with deep pathos and devilish humour.
Previous performance works have included solo story-telling shows, spoken word poetry, street performance, gallery work, commissioned performance art pieces.

Nominated for Best Comedy - FRINGE WORLD 2016
Won "Best Use of Awkward Silence" - Toronto Fringe 2016
Won 3rd place "Artistic Risk Award" - Vancouver Fringe 2016


Rigby's Atrium at Rigbys Bar

221 St Georges Terrace , Perth CBD, WA, 6000

The National Hotel

98 High Street, Fremantle, WA, 6160