Ren Lunicke - Blood Relative

Theatre / Contemporary
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'Family are the ones who will always be there for you'...unless they disapprove of you, or are dying, or can never be born.
Blood Relative is a solo autobiographical dramatic re-telling by genderqueer artist and fertility-challenged Ren Lunicke (of the award-winning dark comedy "Ze": queer as f*ck!) featuring Ren's disapproving, radical evangelical Mum and Ren's beloved Grandmother, whom they care-take in the months prior to her passing. All three generations struggle in the shadow of death to dominate the narrative of what makes a 'happy family.' Constantly disappointed by their expectations for biological bonds, they must examine the power and possibility to redefine and remake 'family' for oneself.

Presented by:
Zir Productions

Ren Lunicke is a genderqueer Ameri-nadian Kiw-aussie based in New Zealand and best know for their award nominated and winning show "Ze": queer as f*ck! as well as alternative comedy. Zir shows mine personal experience, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality to connect audiences to themselves, the "other," nature, and even the divine with deep pathos and devilish humour.

Previous performance works have included solo story-telling shows, spoken word poetry, street performance, gallery work, commissioned performance art pieces.

Nominated for Best Comedy - FRINGE WORLD 2016
Won "Best Use of Awkward Silence" - Toronto Fringe 2016
Won 3rd place "Artistic Risk Award" - Vancouver Fringe 2016


Hayman Theatre at Curtin University

Building 302, Curtin University, Kent Street, Kent St, Bentley, WA, 6102