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Scaled idea onefixed

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Calling all weirdos! Join us for an ocular feast of dark debauched cabaret, and avant-garde striptease. Our curious collective of misfits will tantalize and tease out your inner freak: Essie Foxglove, the audacious aesthetic fetishist, Ivory Bound, purveyor of spectacle and satire, and the ever wild by name and wild by nature, Wild Kat. Unshackle yourself from the restraints of mundane normality! Let us lead you on a journey of wild abandon, exploring the unusual, the obscure, and the beautifully bizarre. Leave your responsibilities and inhibitions at the door.

Presented by:
Foxglove & Bound

Foxglove & Bound is the creative collaboration of award winning West Australian performing artists Essie Foxglove & Ivory Bound.

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