Kevin Quantum: And For My Next Trick

Cabaret / Magic/Illusion
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Scottish Magician-Scientist hybrid Kevin Quantum activates his silly side with comedy sketch-magic. This fast paced show has more blow-your-brains tricks than you can shake a wand at and will make you laugh. Nominated at the Scottish Comedy Awards, award-winner at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe, tutored by Penn and Teller -- KQ will rock your socks off. And you won't even have to take off your shoes.
"Will take your breath away, and then make it appear in someone else's pocket". ★★★★ BroadwayBaby, 2016
"Bewildering sleight of hand" ★★★★ The Herald, 2017
"Will leave you picking your jaws off the floor" ★★★★ The Advertiser, 2017

Presented by:
Everyday Miracle Productions

Ten years ago, unassuming scientist Kevin paused his Physics PhD to become a magician, being tutored by magic royalty Penn & Teller. Having now spent the first ten years of his adult life completely immersed in Physics and the next ten in magic, Kevin is the most likely the only person on the planet who’s reached the required 10,000 hours needed to make you an ‘expert’ – in both areas.

He has enjoyed 5-star, sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, appeared in BBC documentaries, consulted for the National Theatre of Scotland, taught Eddie Izzard magic, broken a Guinness World Record, was the first magician to perform at the Globe Theatre in London and was nominated for the Scottish Comedy Awards 2014 and 2015.

He’s also one of the very few people that counts quantum physics as a hobby.


Teatro at The Woodside Pleasure Garden

Russell Square, James St, Northbridge, WA, 6003