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Josephine lives in the vents of an apartment building. The residents think she's a ghost or maybe a cat that sleep talks. She used to live with her aunt until she got sick, now Josie's alone. That is until she meets William. William plays cello and Josie sings -- it's a perfect match. But when William disappears, Josie must decide if she's going to hide in the vents all her life or have the adventure of a lifetime. The award-winning team from Second Chance Theatre is back with a new play for the young-at-heart. From the mind of Scott McArdle comes a story of pirates, ghosts, haikus, and the strength of children. "[McArdle's] work brings something fresh to the theatre scene in Perth" The Theatre Diary, 2016. Recommended for ages 9+.

Presented by:
The Blue Room Theatre

Founded in 2011, Second Chance Theatre (SCT) is a Perth-based, independent, and award-winning theatre company.
Producing over fifteen original shows (Laika: A Staged Radio Play, Between Solar Systems [Winner of Best Production Team - The Blue Room Theatre 2015], and Coincidences at the End of Time), SCT is passionate about fostering emerging artists in their practice and encouraging experimentation.


The Studio at The Blue Room Theatre

53 James Street, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, WA, 6003