Jessie Gordon is Out of the Loop

Scaled 2020 jessie out of the loop fringe

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Scaled 2020 jessie out of the loop fringe

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Jessie Gordon is an award winning, jazz singing, blues dancing, loop pedal pressing performer with a passion for improvising everything. After another year of touring Europe with her loop pedal and an impressively small suitcase, she is back with stories of dancing until sunrise in Italy, sweltering in Spain and singing to very enthusiastic German audiences and wildly unimpressed French musicians.

She is bringing her loop pedal back to the Ellington with improvised jazz, folk, gospel and original music. If you have ever wanted a song written just for you, bring your favourite key words along with you to have your dream come true in front of a live audience. Each show will be fiercely ad-libbed, recklessly inspired, and wildly unplanned.

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Jessie Gordon

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