Hot Brown Honey

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Suitability and warnings: M

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Contains adult themes, drug references, haze machine, sound pressure effects (loud noises). *Trigger Warning.

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About this event

Hot Brown Honey turns up the heat with lashings of sass and a hot pinch of empowerment in the smash-hit, genre defying, firecracker of a show that's taken the world by storm. Steeped in the Word of The Mother and packing a punch of Hip Hop politics, Hot Brown Honey will make you laugh until you cry, clap until your hands bleed, dance in the aisles and shake every part of what your mama gave you.

With lighting, music and costume set to ignite the change we want to be, Hot Brown Honey is an extraordinary production that spins tradition on its head, going above and beyond to challenge boundaries and embrace resilience.

Hot Brown Honey is unapologetically fierce, defiantly shattering preconceptions in an explosion of colour, culture and controversy. Fighting the Power never tasted so sweet.

Presented by:
Briefs Factory

Briefs Factory is an internationally recognised independent artist and producers collective dedicated to developing and presenting bold, contemporary and inspiring collaborative work. The collective has a wealth of experience, programming, producing and managing events, theatrical productions, performers, and venues. Born out of a meeting of minds between Fez Fa’anana and Producer Linda Catalano, the Briefs Factory team is a culturally diverse and highly dynamic powerhouse.

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The performance on Saturday 24th February at 8.45pm will be Auslan Interpreted.