Gavin Nicklette: That's What She Said

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What happens when boys sing songs originally written for girls? Do the lyrics take on new meaning when it's a man singing about what it's like to be a gal in a guys' world? Do you start to question why a female needed to utter *those* words? Do we gain a deeper understanding of the artists and the roles they play when performing?

Witness Gavin Nicklette - the "Lady Gaga of the Jazz World" - live on stage. He'll smash your favourite pop tunes down to their atomic form, ingeniously crafting them into an original piece of aural-tastic wonder with a jazzy genderqueer flair.

Supported by a jazz trio and surprise artists, he will leave you wondering why you, too, can't walk around town wearing feathers and glitter every day, singing jazz/pop-fused magical hits.

Presented by:
Gavin Nicklette

Known for his unique reinterpretations of well-known pop songs with a jazzy twist, Gavin Nicklette comes alive on the keys.

He started learning to play at the age of 5 and went on to study jazz performance at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Gavin has played/toured with the West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra, Fred Wesley (US trombonist and arranger for James Brown's Big Band), Grace Knight, James Morrison and various other Australian artists.

Dedicated to sharing jazz flavours with people who might not realise they even like the genre, Gavin is a man on mission. He's passionate about reinventing the standard jazz gig to not only sound great, but also entertain the other senses.

Listeners should be prepared to fall in love with music again.



42 Mews Road, Fremantle, WA, 6160