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Scaled kate  8 of 17s

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Award-winning British TV and radio regular Kate Smurthwaite presents her hilariously honest show about open relationships and her own non-monogamous lifestyle.
"Edgy and brilliantly funny, Kate deals with what would be considred hard hitting topics with an openess and ease that is fabulous to behold.
The show is beautifully written, sensitive and totally immersive with an attitude that is perfect for the subject." ★★★★★ Bunbury Magazine, 2017
"One of the wittiest gun-slingers I've ever seen on stage...she can cover the full spectrum from crunchy political interviews to live prime-time comedy" The Spectator, 2017
"There are no airs or graces...she is gloriously mobile as she stalks the stage, mind and mouth effortlessly working in a whirlwind of ideas and joke lines" Morning Star, 2016

Presented by:
Kate Smurthwaite

Kate Smurthwaite has written and toured twelve one-woman comedy shows around the UK and internationally. In 2013 she received a ThreeWeeks Editors’ Choice award declaring her one of the ten best things about the Edinburgh Fringe. She has appeared on over a thousand TV and radio shows including Question Time, The Morning, The Moral Maze and The Big Questions. She is a writer for the UK's best-known comedy panel show Have I Got News For You? and for BBC3’s BAFTA-winning The Revolution Will Be Televised. She has written humourous columns for magazines and newspapers from Cosmopolitan to New Internationalist. She is best known internationally for appearing in a viral video clip called "Atheist b!tchslap". This is her first visit to FRINGE WORLD.

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