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Nobel Prize laureate Bob Dylan is arguably the most important songwriter of our time.

Following a sellout debut tour, jazz/rock divas Monique diMattina & Rebecca Barnard bring their soulful interpretation of your favourite Dylan songs, picking lessons on life, love and laughs from the lyrics.

In this historic collaboration, Rebecca and Monique combine their considerable jazz/rock/roots forces to thrill fans of Dylan and the art of song. Hear 'Don't Think Twice' boogie thrashed, 'The Man in the Long Black Coat' re-worked to Twin Peaks eeriness and ALL the Dylan songs that start with the line 'Early in the Morning'...Don't Think Twice - come and hear what all the fuss is about!

"Monique's witty songs are on a par with Broadway songsmiths of the 1930s..." Lucky Oceans, The Planet ABC RN

Presented by:
Alison Welburn

Bringing you a dynamic season of performances during Perth Fringe World.


Downstairs at The Maj at His Majesty's Theatre

825 Hay Street, Perth CBD, WA, 6000