Circus ThunderDog

Scaled thunderdog

1 Venue

Opticum at The Showman's Fair

Urban Orchard, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, 6003, WA

Suitability and warnings: All (General)

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Hot

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Scaled thunderdog

About this event

ThunderDog is a Finnish, Mexican, French, Dutch Circus.
Rock and or Roll is the name of the game, but not the kind with glitter pants. Circus is not a theme, it's a Lifestyle. Glorified Caravans, Tents, Music and Showerless Weeks... Come see the real thing, we don't disappoint.

Presented by:
The Showman's Fair

Circus ThunderDog is an actual circus. Unlike any of the other circuses; we live in caravans, we actually own our tent and we build it ourselves. The word Circus has been abused up to the point where traditional European circus has gone bankrupt. These days circus is a theme for your Halloween party, or your family restaurant. People have forgotten what circus actually is supposed to be. Now if you see a circus themed show with clowns and acrobatics in a theater its not a circus, its a theater show. This is because circus is a lifestyle, and has nothing to do with the content of your show. To be a circus you must travel, fight like a family and build fires wherever you go.

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Limited pre-book tickets are available. If your session is sold out, you will still be able to attend the show using four Showman’s Fair Coins. Showman’s Fair Coins are available at The Showman’s Fair Box Office.