Boys Light Up

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    6 Feb 7:30pm

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Depicts Violence

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Contains themes about racism

Scaled boyslightup fw01

About this event

"My best mate, Darren, he's played AFL his whole life. I wanted to play but Mum wasn't having it. No footy boys in my house, she said. Well, I forged her signature on the permission slip and that was the beginning of something amazing."

Come meet the bloke next door. He works hard all day, goes home to his girlfriend at night and plays footy all weekend. He's up for a promotion, he's eyeing engagement rings, and he's played by a Muslim woman.

From guernsey to hijab, power to privilege, we're talking about power in Australia, good men, and how far is too far. Casey Elder and Tasnim Hossain, the team behind Zak and Reefa's Bollywood Funeral and Letters to John, have teamed up to deliver this unflinching performance work.

Watch out Speccy McGee, you've got a new thing coming.

Presented by:
The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights, Casey Elder and Tasnim Hossain

Casey Elder and Tasnim Hossain have been making work together since 2013. They explore gender relations, modern masculinity and societal expectations through solo performance. Casey and Tasnim have presented work at FRINGE WORLD before, with Zak and Reefa's Bollywood Funeral at The Bird in 2015, as well as Letters to John at Paper Mountain in 2018. Their shows have also had seasons at Canberra's You Are Here Festival, Newcastle's Crack Theatre Festival and Griffin Theatre Company's Batch Festival. Casey also directed talk dirty to me for The Cutting Room Floor at The Stables for FRINGE WORLD 2016.

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