Boy Name: Reconcile

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Performance accessibility

  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language

1 Venue

Biology at Girls School

2 Wellington St, Perth WA 6004, Australia

Minors cannot attend this show.

Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Restricted)

Coarse Language:




Other Warnings:

Depicts Violence, Loud Noises, Mental Health, Sex Scenes, Sexual References, Smoke Effects, Strobe Lighting, Suicide/Self Harm

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Very Hot

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Scaled boyname still 2    matt sav

About this event

My mind was a cacophony, my body a joke, yet still the grains passed from one chamber to the next. More and more, they continued to fall as each of my dissimilarities were laid bare for dissection; for persecution. Time ceases for nought.

Now, unbridled, I stand before you as does the town crier. The town, my flesh, the cry, it's story.

A veil has been placed atop your crown, laid by the hand of a people who would have you believe your worth is defined by that with which your thighs conceal...a lie. The masculine. The feminine. The conditioned mind. Let the veil be lifted through the story of my flesh.

Join me. Reconcile.

Presented by:
Boy Name

Based in performance art, Boy name is unapologetic in their pursuit of challenging the conditioned mind. Drawing heavily upon lived experience, their explorations of gender, sexuality and identity, in a way that seeks to elevate the respondents consciousness, encouraging the processes of both critical thought and dialogue to ensue.

Commencing their career in October 2017, Boy Name debuted their work at one of WA's finest festivals, Camp Doogs. Unfurling, the artist has expanded across various other mediums including film, photography, theatre and creating site specific performances, through all of which the entirety of their being is laid bare; vulnerabilities being of no exception to this.

A catalyst for change, a platform of visibility, an energy. Boy Name is love; universal love.

Fringefeed reviews energised by Woodside

  • "Boy Name: Reconcile is a sophisticated telling of identity and transformation through the language of the body." - Fringefeed

  • "Uncompromising, unexpected, unusual and unique, Boy Name: Reconcile is a marvellous piece of performance art." - Out In Perth

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