Cabaret / Performance Art
Scaled body map glitta supernova
Is the road to self discovery still on the map?
Navigating who we are has never been tougher. Access is blocked with the promise of beauty & perfection. The personal highway to our soul is in multilane gridlock, diversions from the self at every exit.
Glitta Supernova brings an intimate fleshy foray through the parallel universes of 90s club culture performative theatre. Red light surrealism bridging intimacy objectification, in a sixty minute physical freeway that won't be tarred for convenience.
Satirical, Personal Political storytelling packed to the rafters with puns, pussy possibilities.
Experience the iconoclastic visionary of Tits Art.
"An audacious, hilarious and sharply political show" Theatreview, 2017
"Exuded both vulnerability and subterranean glamarama" Alt Media

Presented by:
Glitta Supernova

Cult Pioneer of sexual performance art, Glitta Supernova has thrived independently creating & producing originality for over 20 years. One of Australia’s key underground culture makers & creator of Australia’s 1st Burlesque Club “Gurlesque” 1998 , Pretty Peepers Cabaret 2013 & “Let's get METAphysical” 2015
Working class Dutch roots, with an anti-establishment message that wants to reach in and shake you. This is outsider art without trying to be, this is what happens when an original 80's punk made it through the vortex into 2017.
“My life’s work is about the She Beast within, the wild, organic & uncontrolled nature of the feminine, society is very scared of the strong sexual empowered woman, she is considered grotesque so I embrace the grotesque with my art activism.“


Casa Mondo at The Woodside Pleasure Garden

Russell Square, James St, Northbridge, WA, 6003