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The small Eastern European nation of Bolskovia has had a troubled past, with decades of Political corruption, organised crime and poverty. The only shining light through the these troublesome times, has always be the Bolskovian's deep rooted love of comedy, and has become a staple of most Bolskovian traditions and a huge part of their culture, this is why Bolskovia is known as the Jester of the Eastern Block.

Now its time to showcase Bolskovian culture to the world, with four humongous nights of comedy at FRINGE WORLD 2020.

Hosted by Bolskoivan comic sensation Don T'slagovabich, and a host of the countries fastest rising stars who are ready to showcase Bolskovia comedy to the world.

So join us for a big night of laughs and maybe a few shot of delicious Bolskovian Vodka.

Presented by:
Don T'Slagovabich

Don T'Slagovabich is the best and brightest star in all of Bolskovia, and is extremely excited to showcase the best and brightest stars of Bolskovian Comedy to the world.

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