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Mental Health, Sexual References, Smoke Effects, Loud Noises, Sexual Assault

Scaled witches3 square

About this event

Aradia: the woman, the witch, the legend. Sent to earth to liberate the oppressed through witchcraft, she was a force to be reckoned with. Now, her coven is reborn to share the power and liberation of modern witchcraft, awakening the inner witch inside us all!

Join the coven as we share stories, songs and spells. We all have an inner witch, and we're here to help you embrace yours through the divine force of ritual. Laugh, cry, and move with us as we delve into our own experiences, our lives and our spells; manifesting into powerful, untouchable women who don't take no shit.

Take a chance and journey with us this FRINGE WORLD as we explore how together, with witchcraft, we can change our lives and the world.

Presented by:
The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights and MILK BOX Theatre Company

MILK BOX Theatre Co. is a theatre company based in Western Australia. Founded in 2017 by Rosie Oldham (General Manager) & Clare Thomson (Artistic Director), MILK BOX was born from the necessity of female lead artistry in order to create engaging and dynamic art for the contemporary audience.

As a company, MILK BOX’s mission is to share true/meaningful stories from the perspective of and led by people who identify as female with our vision being to see MILK BOX become a recognised and admired theatre company in Western Australia and nationally. The three core values within MILK BOX are feminism, story-telling & community.

Fringefeed reviews energised by Woodside

  • "ARADIA is a strong piece of very smart social commentary and a powerful call to action, with a brilliant ensemble cast and a control of tone that manages to entertain as much as it educates." – Gutter Culture
  • "a show that is visually attractive but also packs a punch." – Stage Whispers
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