A Showgirl: Deconstructed

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About this event

"Scrumptiously Weird!" One hour. One Woman. One Show. Performance artist, theatre designer, and questioning showgirl, Carletta The Great, takes you on a surreal trip behind the glitter curtain. Served up on a bed of piping hot chaos, A Showgirl: Deconstructed celebrates the female form by drawing inspiration from Dadaism, dreamscapes, and the modern day feminist. Carletta The Great re-constructs the notion of the showgirl, bringing depth and a new meaning to this often overlooked art-form. Avant-garde, visceral, and exposing, this live cinematic performance, directed by Willow J Conway, is beautiful, raw, and honest theatre at it's best. "A remarkable performance piece" Theatre Press 2017. "Raw, honest... theatre that has substance and grit" Weekend Notes 2017

Presented by:
The Great Debacle

The Great Debacle is a new collaborative, and innovative artistic partnership founded by Carletta The Great and Charlie D Barkle. Combining their talents, experience and passion for the performing arts, The Great Debacle is a partnership with holistic and organic approach to the development of new theatrical works, design, production, and performance for contemporary and neoteric audiences.

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