FRINGE WORLD Festival is presented by ARTRAGE Inc, a non-for-profit registered charity that is one of the oldest arts organisations in WA. 

ARTRAGE is governed by a voluntary Board and has a core team of staff, all of whom also work on FRINGE WORLD Festival. More information about the ARTRAGE Board and core teams is here

FRINGE WORLD Festival 2021 Team 

For the 2021 Festival, ARTRAGE employed 450 staff members and we were grateful for the 178 volunteers that also contributed to the Festival. The staff members worked across the Festival HQ and in contract roles to present the venues and performances at the two largest Festival hubs; The Woodside Pleasure Garden and Girls School. Volunteers contributed towards writing reviews for Fringefeed, taking photos of shows and assisting with Front of House and Operations requirements. 

The following are the major team roles that presented the 2021 Festival. The full list of employees and volunteers is here.  


Sharon Burgess, ARTRAGE CEO 
Amber Hasler, FRINGE WORLD Festival Director (resigned March 2021)
Amy Riley, ARTRAGE Business Director 
Jo Hos, ARTRAGE Marketing Director 


Kiera Owen, ARTRAGE Administration Coordinator 
Elise Hiatt, FRINGE WORLD Festival Administration Coordinator  
Maytahl Rose, FRINGE WORLD Customer Service Administrator  
Nathan Lewis, FRINGE WORLD Customer Service Administrator 
Belinda Gerard, FRINGE WORLD Customer Service Administrator 

Box Office & Ticketing 

Tiffany Creasey, ARTRAGE Ticketing Manager 
Cheryl Mizzi, ARTRAGE Senior Ticketing Coordinator  
Cat Holker, FRINGE WORLD Box Office Coordinator   
Josh Chapman, FRINGE WORLD Box Office Coordinator 


Courtney Meagher, ARTRAGE Cinema Producer  
Rodney Bayliss, Rooftop Movies Coordinator 


Sue Hobson, ARTRAGE Business Manager (Maternity Cover) 
Melanie Jones, ARTRAGE Finance Coordinator 

IT & Systems 

Amir Barber-Skwarko, ARTRAGE IT & Systems Manager 
Adam Dance, ARTRAGE IT & Systems Coordinator 
Amy Collyer, FRINGE WORLD IT & Systems Assistant 
Joshua Coyle, FRINGE WORLD IT & Systems Assistant 


Melisa Jasa, ARTRAGE Marketing Manager 
Khazia Wong, ARTRAGE Graphic Designer  
Dana Nguyen, ARTRAGE Marketing Coordinator  
Bruna Aguiar, FRINGE WORLD Festival Marketing Coordinator 
Grace Flynn, FRINGE WORLD Fringefeed Writer (Volunteer) 

Operations / Food & Beverage / FOH 

Daniel Bruce, ARTRAGE Operations Manager  
Sarah Cole Bowen, ARTRAGE F&B Coordinator 
James McMahen, Operations Coordinator 
Clare Masolin, FRINGE WORLD Staff & Volunteer Coordinator 
Liam Guiney, FRINGE WORLD FOH Coordinator 


Indi Ranson, ARTRAGE Partnerships Manager 
Ariane Beyer, FRINGE WORLD Partnerships Coordinator 


Katie Anne Dixon, ARTRAGE Production Manager  
Will Richards, ARTRAGE Production Coordinator  
Liam Kirwan, FRINGE WORLD Facilities Coordinator  
Kate Brennan, FRINGE WORLD Logistics Coordinator 


Ruth Morris, FRINGE WORLD Program Manager 
Justin Marshman, ARTRAGE Producer  
Kylie Baker, FRINGE WORLD Program Producer 
Julia Martini, FRINGE WORLD Program Coordinator 
Natalie Oakes, FRINGE WORLD Program Coordinator 
Alyssia Boyer, FRINGE WORLD Participant Services Producer 


Simon Cook, FRINGE WORLD Technical Manager 
Meredith Rehburg, FRINGE WORLD Technical Coordinator