Impact Report

The FRINGE WORLD Festival 2019 Impact Report reveals that the Festival recorded 15% box office sales growth from the previous year, achieving free and ticketed attendance of more than 850,000 and more than $12 million in box office sales.

Across a global landscape of more than 200 Fringe festivals where all of the largest are experiencing significant annual growth, FRINGE WORLD maintained its status in 2019 as the third-largest Fringe on the planet.

FRINGE WORLD’s Impact Report has annually tracked the outcomes of the Festival since 2012 using methodology developed with BOP Consulting UK; a leading international agency for cultural impact reportage.

The Report reveals that FRINGE WORLD maintained its strong record of delivering positive social and economic benefits to WA communities. It also reveals that the arts can mean big business, with the stimulated spend and impact generated by the 2019 Festival surpassing $100 million. For every $1 invested by the WA state government in Fringe, $80 was stimulated and spent in the local economy with 2,205 FTE jobs being created through this activity. This is a terrific result for the Festival and the state.

The 2019 Festival featured 674 events at 169 venues located in 39 different suburbs in metropolitan Perth and regional WA and and delivered more than $10 million in payments to participating artists and arts companies. For WA artists, FRINGE WORLD continues to be the largest annual performance platform occurring in the local cultural ecology. More than 3,500 artists participated in the 2019 Festival, of which 74% were from WA.

The findings of the Impact Report show that the Festival’s positive impact across cultural, social, civic and economic terrains are ongoing with positive indicators for further growth in the scale and reach of its programs.


Click here to download the 2019 Impact Report.