9 multicultural shows from every corner of the globe

Published: Thu, Jan 11 2018
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9 multicultural shows from every corner of the globe

From dance, to comedy, to the outer reaches of space – there’s something for everyone, and some of its free!

Djuki Mala

Unique, infectious, high-energy exuberant, fusing traditional Yolngu, pop culture, dance storytelling to create work that is a marvel of timing, comedy & clowning, with a hefty dose of heart soul!

An absolute show-stopper and a Fringe favourite.

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Passing is the relief people feel when they ask about your last name before they say That Racist Thing.

Passing is a culmination of stories from biracial women growing in up Australia, and how they negotiate the grey areas between sexuality, religion, racism and family.

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Joanne Kam: Laugh You Long Time

In a fiery display of wit, comedy and anecdotes dressed up with glamour and style, Joanne Kam (Comedy Central Asia) will have you crying with laughter as she shares her views on life, love and everything in between!

She has the reputation of being the most notoriously funny lady on the Malaysian stage.

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Ethiopian and still not not hungry

Joe White, who bought Fringe the sell-out shows Ethiopian & Not Hungry and Ethiopian & Still Not Hungry, is back with a brand new act, Ethiopian & Still Not Hungry (PT2 Canada Edition).

Perth's beloved comedy son returns all the way from Canada, this is a masterpiece not to be missed.

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Akolkol Dastan Gesa

Akolkol Dastan Gesa

Akolkol Dastan Gesa means "story" in Dinka, Dari and Arabic.

These short film works were made by young people from an Intensive English Centre in collaboration with artists Poppy van Oorde-Grainger, Scott "Optamus" Griffiths and David Vincent Smith. 

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Birak Concert 2018

On 26 January, the Supreme Court Gardens will play host to the Birak Concert as part of the Australia Day long weekend.

With a plethora of music, dance, art and food, the concert is a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and communities.

An inclusive, all-ages celebration the community can enjoy.

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What if every time you used an electronic device, there was a transaction?

What if that device kept a little piece of you?

What would happen if the technology that surrounds us could talk back?

Three jukeboxes appear in Perth, containing stories of the people who live here. All you need to do is press play.

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A woman waits by her husband's sickbed.
A man finds a ring that turns him invisible.
Tanks roll into Tiananmen Square.

How much can we endure from our governments, our Gods, ourselves?

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The Yonder

Lo-fi, sci-fi comedy in which Doruk and Lim are the only crew on board The Yonder, and the only two people awake for the hundred-year mission to a distant planet - humanity's last hope.

Tensions between the pair begin to materialise. This distracts from the real peril squelching up on them.

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