January 26 and ARTRAGE Position Statement

ARTRAGE is a not-for-profit registered arts and cultural organisation, whose purpose is to enrich and evolve the culture of Western Australia by creating open artistic opportunities for audiences and artists.  

ARTRAGE supports #ChangeTheDate, so that the national day of celebration can include all Australians. ARTRAGE also supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart.  

ARTRAGE has composed this position statement regarding the January 26 public holiday to reflect our support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and our commitment towards reconciliation and healing.  

The statement relates to ARTRAGE and the venues that the organisation manages for FRINGE WORLD Festival and Rooftop Movies.  

ARTRAGE recognises the diversity of views within society surrounding January 26. Some view the day as an opportunity to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ survival as the longest continuing culture on earth within the story of the modern Australian nation. We respect the many feelings that people have about January 26, including those for whom January 26 is a day of mourning, not a day of celebration.  

January 26 falls during FRINGE WORLD Festival and many venues, including ARTRAGE Managed Hubs, will be open and presenting shows. Artists performing in ARTRAGE Managed Hubs can choose whether to perform on January 26, and ARTRAGE will respect and accommodate those who do not want to perform. Independent events and venues can choose whether they present shows on January 26.  

The January 26 public holiday falls within the Rooftop Movies season dates. Rooftop Movies will continue to close operations on the day. At a time when the Public Holiday date is reviewed, Rooftop Movies operations will also be amended to accommodate a change in date.   

ARTRAGE will be launching our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan this year.