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Cameo Rascale
Fringefeed | 03 Feb 2022
A great traditional and family-friendly show for anyone looking for a fun intro to circus with high-energy acts, impressive stunts, and classic showmanship.
80's Mixtape | Side B
Fringefeed | 03 Feb 2022
The stuff your electric dreams are made of; unparalleled entertainment no matter your era and a true homage to the decade of crimped hair, leg warmers and double-denim.
Songs From the Hill: Mark Turner and Jessie Gordon
Fringefeed | 03 Feb 2022
Mark and Jessie have created the perfect way to showcase their incredible talents as songwriters, musicians, and vocalists.
Sinsuality: Make it Reign
The AU Review | 03 Feb 2022
A recipe for something raucous but distinctly left of centre, filled with innuendo and debauchery!
Sonia Payes Alchemy
Seesaw | 03 Feb 2022
A symbol of humanity in its broadest sense, as Payes grapples to harness her response to the big issues facing all of us.
The Bell By Candlelight: Barrelhouse Trio
Fringefeed | 03 Feb 2022
The trio has a brilliant dynamic between them.
FairyFales vs Disney
Fringefeed | 03 Feb 2022
The five members of the team each took a turn in centre stage to offer us their own take on various Disney stories.
Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Absolute Chaos!
Fringefeed | 03 Feb 2022
A fun, light-hearted experience where members of the audience volunteer to become the superstars of the show.
A Jungle Fantasy
Fringefeed | 03 Feb 2022
The feeling in the venue was camp and hilarity. 
Ginava's Messy Friends
Fringefeed | 03 Feb 2022
A performance event for everyone who loves all things drag and burlesque. 
A ménage à trois
Fringefeed | 03 Feb 2022
You find yourself stepping into a lustful world of chaos and beauty. 
Dizney in Drag: Once Upon a Parody
Fringefeed | 02 Feb 2022
An absolutely wild and fantastical show.