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Chris Shin Get on Board D!ckhead
Fringefeed | 05 Feb 2022
It takes a classy and quick-witted performer to banter with the audience and Shin proves he is just that.
Pillow Talk: Back in the Sack
Fringefeed | 05 Feb 2022
You will be on the edge of your seat from the opening number.
Fatal Femmes
Fringefeed | 05 Feb 2022
If you love film noir, femme fatales and your women fatal...ly gorgeous, you cannot go wrong with this one.
Where's the Happiness?
Fringefeed | 05 Feb 2022
Whether you simply enjoy watching sensational pieces of art, or enjoy performances that might make you question what is important in your own life, “Where’s the happiness?” is the show for you.
Luke Bolland: Bubble Boy
Fourth Wall Media | 05 Feb 2022
Bolland may be stuck here, but we’re pretty lucky that he his – a year ‘off’ has only served to sharpen his talent and allowed him to craft a finely tuned hour of comedy.
Fourth Wall Media | 04 Feb 2022
A balls-to-the-wall evening of hilarity!
Dirk Darrow: Magic of Future Past
Fourth Wall Media | 04 Feb 2022
Magic of Futures Past has us all laughing out loud, completely mesmerised, and almost biting our fingernails to the bone in some terrifying stunts.
Double Entendre
Fourth Wall Media | 04 Feb 2022
These burlesque babes will have you seeing double quite literally as each new pair that takes the stage  knock the audiences metaphorical socks off.
Comedians Without Borders - International Comedy Showcase
Fringefeed | 04 Feb 2022
While the streets have been quiet around the city, the same couldn’t be said of the Goodwill Club in the basement of the Rechabite.
P!NK: The Circus
Fringefeed | 04 Feb 2022
Storming the stage with vitality, sass, and undeniable skills, each performer brings unique flare.
FairyFales vs Disney
Fringefeed | 04 Feb 2022
A relaxed, intimate comedy show with five up-and-coming comedians and storytellers
Sax Rockers: ON FIRE!
Fringefeed | 04 Feb 2022
For a raw and rocking good time, Sax Rockers brings brass with a ‘kick yo arse’ attitude.