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I Love The Nightlife
Fringefeed | 10 Feb 2022
I Love The Nightlife is the perfect mix of sing-alongs, stories from behind the scenes and tidbits of trivia from Peter’s time performing on stages from Perth to Tel Aviv and every city in between.
AJ's Box: Coming Again
Fourth Wall Media | 09 Feb 2022
AJ is one of the most charming, quirky, hilarious characters you will ever see. She is downright adorable and 100 percent true alien through and through.
Fringefeed | 08 Feb 2022
Her performance will open your eyes, your heart and your mind, making you question your own experiences and views.
2 Englishmen And An Aussie
Fringefeed | 07 Feb 2022
I have seen all these comics perform at different shows this year, but really felt they killed given a perfect amount of time to be on stage. They get comfortable with the audience and their material hits the right notes.
Nina, Love Simone - Simone Craddock
Fringefeed | 07 Feb 2022
Simone Craddock sings the story of Nina Simone through the latter's repertoire in the most intimate, beautiful and emotionally resonant way.
Fringefeed | 07 Feb 2022
If you too need to snatch your power back from monsters, run don’t walk to secure tickets to Dyad’s last show of this Fringe season.
Perth Happenings | 07 Feb 2022
A sensory and thought-provoking adventure that keeps you waiting for the next twist.
DRAG TIME MUSIC HALL: An All Ages Vaudeville of Classics and Campery
Perth Happenings | 07 Feb 2022
The show bubbled with quick wit, ginormous stilettos and killer calves, equally humorous and fabulous.
Worship - Memento Vivere
Perth Happenings | 07 Feb 2022
Our senses were captivated.
Alex and Evie and the Forever Falling Rain
Perth Happenings | 07 Feb 2022
Will leave you feeling mightily refreshed and ready to take on the world.
Circus After Dark
Perth Happenings | 07 Feb 2022
Rich, dark, and tantalisingly shocking.
Pillow Talk: Back in the Sack
Perth Happenings | 07 Feb 2022
Polished, perfected, and poignant.