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Ross Vegas - Recurrence
The Fourth Wall | 10 Feb 2021
Recurrence is a wondrous journey that will leave you tapping your feet with joy.
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The Baroque
The Fourth Wall | 10 Feb 2021
The Baroque is weird, it’s also whacky and wonderful.
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Hot Sauce Burlesque
Fringefeed | 08 Feb 2021
A mashup of mistresses and misters who torment and tease you make this show a night to remember!
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Disney in Drag: Once Upon A Parody
Fringefeed | 08 Feb 2021
The team from The Hairy Godmothers is back, baby, and they are as fabulous as ever!
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Colour Warp
Seesaw | 08 Feb 2021
Colour Warp does achieve an energetic surrealism.
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Tomás Ford: Have A Bath With Me?
Seesaw | 08 Feb 2021
When all else fails, kick or throw the thing as far down the field as you can and see what happens.
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80s Mixtape
Seesaw | 08 Feb 2021
An infectious celebration of 1980s popular culture.
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Coffee Cantata
Seesaw | 08 Feb 2021
What a great way to spend a Sunday morning!
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Seesaw | 08 Feb 2021
Page brings great energy and occasional flashes of inspiration to her performance.
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How to Drown a Fish
Out In Perth | 08 Feb 2021
The team have done well to create and perform this 50 minute piece in the micro space provided to them.
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Out In Perth | 08 Feb 2021
They’ve done a fantastic job to make it look effortless.
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Hold Close
Out In Perth | 08 Feb 2021
Hold Close is otherworldly, a space filled with forest creatures, where elves and fairies delight.