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FRINGE WORLD is one of the most popular annual events in Perth, annually entertaining hundreds of thousands of people with an incredible array of live entertainment. 

There’s something for everyone at FRINGE WORLD; from comedy, music and musicals, circus and much more, plus - ticket prices are great value so you can enjoy multiple shows in one night out.

In a global landscape of more than 400 Fringe festivals, FRINGE WORLD is the third largest Fringe on the planet, and in terms of tickets sold, Western Australia’s largest annual arts event.

FRINGE WORLD takes pride in our hybrid festival model, combining Open Access and Part Programmed elements. This model allows us to create a dynamic platform for artists, presenters, and venues to collaborate, resulting in a diverse array of performances that cater to all tastes and preferences. 

Open Access allows artists from around the world and venues from all across greater Perth to register to participate.

Fringe has been running since 2011 and we hope to see you at the next Festival! 

More information About Us is here.

Who produces FRINGE WORLD?

FRINGE WORLD Festival is presented by ARTRAGE Inc, a non-for-profit registered charity that is one of the oldest arts organisations in WA.

Alongside FRINGE WORLD Festival, ARTRAGE also currently produces Rooftop Movies (est. 2012) and other exciting projects in Perth like Girls School (2018-2022).

The ARTRAGE Strategic Plan and its organisational Purpose, Vision, Mission and The Way We Work statement informs how the Festival is delivered.

ARTRAGE Purpose: To enrich and evolve the culture of Western Australia by creating open artistic opportunities for audiences and artists.

ARTRAGE Vision: To embed arts in the hearts and minds of all Western Australians.

ARTRAGE Mission: To provide enduring benefits for artists, audiences and a diverse family of stakeholders through presenting cultural events with global appeal.

The Way We Work:

  • We mainstream Fringe culture.
  • We surprise and delight.
  • Our success is defined by the success of our artists.
  • We make Perth better.

FRINGE WORLD is based on the traditional open access Fringe model, but with a twist. Whilst overseeing the marketing, ticketing and overall management of the Fringe, ARTRAGE also produces a large proportion of the Festival directly through a range of managed hubs. The 2024 ARTRAGE Managed Venues will be The Pleasure Garden and L'Euro Grande.

What shows are in the Festival?

The shows in the Festival offer something for everyone with comedy, cabaret, theatre, music and musicals, children's events, circus and more on offer for you to enjoy. FRINGE WORLD is an open-access Festival, which means anyone can participate and it's up to the artists to decide to be part of the Fringe. 

What happened to the Festival Guide?

The Festival guide has been your go-to for all events in the Festival, but we are doing things a bit differently and not producing a printed guide. 

We made this call to allow for greater flexibility for our artists so they didn't have a hard deadline and can still participate even if they come on board in December or early January. 

But don't worry, because with the FRINGE WORLD app featured handy functionality to make it super easy to find shows that you'll love. From scheduling, personalised show recommendations, e-ticketing, maps and our shake to find a random show - the app is APPsolutely essential to download. 

Donwload the app now

Can I work/volunteer with the Festival?

Click here to read about the latest jobs and volunteer opportunities.

Sign up to our e-news and keep an eye on our Facebook page for future notifications about jobs and volunteer opportunities with FRINGE WORLD. 

How can I give feedback to FRINGE WORLD?

We welcome customer feedback, comments and questions at any time! Just fill out our Contact Us form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


How do I snag my year-round benefits as a Friend?

The Festival might be over, but your Friends membership is the gift that keeps on giving! 

You’ll get a range of delicious deals and hot offers in your monthly FRINGE WORLD Friends e-news right up until 30 September 2024. 

Gift Vouchers

Can I still buy a Gift Voucher?

FRINGE WORLD Gift Vouchers are no longer on sale, but you will be able to purchase a FRINGE WORLD Festival 2025 Gift Voucher later this year!

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Where are my Account Settings?

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Can I delete My Account?

Yes, you can permanently delete your account if you wish, see how below:

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WEBSITE: Please email us at to provide your Email Address and Full Name. Once you have made this request, your account will be permanently deleted from all systems within 72 hours.

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Do I need an account to buy a ticket?

There are specific events and shows where you can purchase tickets at the door, and we also provide last-minute, in-person Box Office Sales for when you are on the run.

Keep in mind life is so much easier with a customer account! We take good care of your personal information as per our Privacy Policy and can keep you informed about changes to your event super quick!