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Scaled aylin eleonora

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Scaled aylin eleonora

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An evening of passion & rhythm by Flamenco guitarist Raul Mannola and dancer Aylin Eleonora. Each artist brings their vision, tradition, experimentation, freedom and improvisation into VIVIR, a fresh new interpretation of the ancient art of Flamenco. Direct from Spain.

Presented by:
Aylin Anna Eleonora Bayaz

Aylin Eleonora is a Flamenco dancer and freelance choreographer based in Madrid. She has studied with some of the greatest Flamenco masters, toured internationally as a soloist with acclaimed Flamenco artists, and premiered her solo choreography VIVIR at the Edinburgh Festival in 2018. She holds an MA in Dance from Barcelona Arts Institute.

Raúl Mannola is a Flamenco guitarist and composer with a background in Jazz, based in Madrid. He has 30 years of experience in accompanying Flamenco singers and dancers as well as performing solo. A specialist in Flamenco-Jazz-Rock fusions with 10 albums released as a leader, he has also been a guitar teacher at Madrid Conservatory since 2012.

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