Triple Cream Comedy Showcase

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Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Restricted)

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Sexual References

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About this event

"Fantastic!" ★★★★ Fourth Wall, 2018.

Don't know what to see? Get the Cream of FRINGE WORLD Comedy in this triple bill rotating lineup show. You never know who will be on! Whether local, national or from overseas you just know they'll be hilarious. A 50 minute non-stop laugh-fest with 3 comics doing their best 10 + a Pro MC to hold it all together.

Each week features a different pro MC and every lineup will be different. Come check out Triple Cream Comedy Showcase to find your new favourite comedians!

Presented by:
Infinite Jest Comedy

Infinite Jest Comedy are comedians Jez Watts, Glenn Grimwood, Nick Maro & Sonny Yang.

As a production company, they have a name synonymous with innovative, exciting comedy, touring sold out shows to Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and The Edinburgh Fringe.

They produce the sell-out festival-touring juggernaut "The Nasty Show", additional solo and concept comedy shows at festivals around the world, and the podcast network Infinite Jest Comedy which releases original, free content every week.

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