The Honeymoon Suite

Dance & Physical Theatre / Contemporary
Scaled the honeymoon suite   fringe image
The Honeymoon Suite a live dance, light and photography installation. Pop culture and feminine aesthetic from disparate eras collide to create a new atemporal existence, a paradoxical pit-stop of progression and regression. Are we going forward or are we falling endlessly back through time? Simultaneously satirical, slapstick and seductive, The Honeymoon Suite addresses the fragile, gossamer thin fulcrum on the seesaw of power, the point where one compromises oneself completely and utterly to eventually gain the upper hand.

Drive on down to the strange lands of vintage women's wrestling, age-old pageant queens and tacky, retro TV intros and treat yourself to our neon, time travelling dreamscape. Welcome to The Honeymoon Suite. Let's get ready to rumble.

Presented by:
Bernadette Lewis

Bernadette graduated from WAAPA’s honours program, LINK Dance Company in 2011. She has performed in works by Tasdance, Buzz Dance Theatre, Sue Peacock, Aimee Smith, Jo Pollitt, Patrice Smith, Claudia Alessi, Didier Théron and Natalie Allen. In 2014 she was nominated for most outstanding female performer at the WA Dance Awards. Her choreographic body of work includes two new commissions by WAAPA; 10,000 Things (2015), Sailors (2017). With long time collaborator Joel Bray, she has been awarded residency opportunities with STRUT Dance and Chunky Move. She has been movement director for new, devised theatre works including Riptide Youth Theatre’s Some Kind of Disaster and The Advisors by multi award winning collective The Last Great Hunt.


The Gallery at Paper Mountain

267 William Street, Northbridge, WA, 6003