PASSING: An Asian-Australian Musical

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This show aims to highlight the struggles of citizenship, racial micro-aggressions and the clashing of cultural and family values. The story revolves around Thai / Thai-Australian characters but we understand the themes may be triggering for most people of colour or people of mixed race who are navigating a multicultural society.

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About this event

Rachel was born in Thailand and migrated to Australia to pursue her dreams of becoming a chart-topping pop-singer. Little does she know that a chance meeting with a stranger in a dingy bar is going to change both their lives for the better.

Set to an indie pop, jazz and hip hop soundtrack, PASSING shows how music can transcend barriers and highlights the struggles of citizenship, racial micro-aggressions and clashing of values in a modern, culturally diverse Australia.

PASSING: An Asian-Australian Musical is an original show dreamed up and created by Asian-Australian artists.

Please note that this show has an alternating cast.

Cast A Rachel: Jennifer Mackenzie
Mitch: Jefferson Nguyen
Kate: Priscilla Le
Performing: Thurs Feb 4th, Mon Feb 8th @ 6.15pm, Sat Feb 6th @ 3.30pm

Cast B
Rachel: Michele Gould
Mitch: Sean Halley
Kate: Crystal Nguyen
Performing: Fri Feb 5th, Sun Feb 7th, Tues Feb 9th @ 6.15pm

Presented by:

APK Productions independent arts company dedicated to nurturing "courage through creativity", founded by Amber Kitney.

Amber is a creative based in Perth, Western Australia with a keen interest in community engagement, diversity and mental health awareness. She produces theatre, and arts events and workshops through her business APK Productions, founded in 2019. Amber is also a freelance performing artist with a Diploma in Musical Theatre and offers piano and vocal lessons from her home studio. Amber aims to inspire the next generation of artists and truly believes in the power of the arts to connect communities and inspire people from all walks of life to engage and share experiences in the beautifully complex world we live in.

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