Jessie Gordon Live Electric Loops

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Scaled live electric loops
Jessie is one of Perth's best known jazz and blues singers. Touring through Europe with her looping station inspired her to combine her swinging vocals with an electronic groove, and this show blends her love of live improvised jazz with her passion for words and meaning.

Each show will be new and different, with Jessie taking suggestions from the audience for song ideas and themes for the evening. The night will also feature some reimagined jazz standards and a sprinkling of Jessie's original songs. Join her for a night that will be fiercely ad-libbed, recklessly inspired, and wildly unplanned.

Presented by:
Jessie Gordon

Jessie is a very sun-shy Perth red-headed jazz singer who enjoys swing music, dancing in her kitchen to Otis Redding, eating cheese at any given opportunity and singing in the shower and every other (shaded) venue. Her main musical passion is jazz, blues and roots music. Jessie has toured the world, performing in South East Asia, Germany, France, Spain and the UK. She has been nominated for 16 Fringe Awards and has won 8 Music and Cabaret Awards at FRINGE WORLD.


The Flour Factory

16 Queen St, Perth CBD, WA, 6000